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Minimal 5

Minimal 5 features a multi-colored font style for the time label to show hours and minutes, as well as an info line above it with date/day and sunrise/sunset info.


Essential Series

Calendar, Weather, News, Next Public Holiday and Clock – all sharing the same beautifully flat style with no gradients, just pure colors and geometrical backgroud patterns.



Pure colors, clean text, sharp graphics. A cool 4-segment day progress bar that magnifies the active section to give a better overview. Plus all the weather data you need.

Latest watch faces



This watch face takes a different spin on showing you time on your Apple Watch. Instead of hands or digits, it uses a cool matrix of letters, and constructs a series of highlighted words to tell you the time.



Never forget the current zodiac sign again! With this minimalist watch face you will have the perfect tool to have at-a-glance info of the actual zodiac sign.




Make the wait easier with this Halloween themed widget! It features a beautifully crafted watch face that easily blends into your current set of faces on your Apple Watch.

Widgets built of Emoji



Meet Bubbles the fish! This little fellow lives happily in his fish tank swimming up and down all day. At the end of the day, he likes to hide in his comfortable clamshell for a good night’s sleep.

Emoji Island

Meet the Fisherman – going out to sea in the morning and coming back to his hut in the evening, Monkey – climbing down to play under the tree most of the day and climbing back for the night, and Mr. Crab – popping up at the shore during daytime.

Globe of Life

Watch the atmosphere brighten up as the day progresses, see buildings and trees change, catch aircrafts and satellites above in the sky, and maybe an unknown flying thing in the night…

The Room

Check out what’s happening in The Room! Whoever lives here, surely can play an instrument or two. Probably also likes jogging in the morning and perhaps hiking during the weekends. 

Coming Home

Coming Home

With this widget, you can follow the 24-hour journey of a spaceship from Mars to Earth.

Starting with a sunrise among the orange sand dunes, the ship launches at 7 am to quickly leave the planet behind and explore deep space. The small console at the bottom will show the ship’s current location throughout its journey. Reaching Earth at the evening hours, it lands at 7 pm while the scene slowly turns into sunset and night with beautifully lit houses in the distance.

The widget shows essential weather info with 3-hour forecast for the day switching to tomorrow’s and next days’ forecast for the night. (Independent of light/dark modes.)

Coming Home

Weather Dude

With its customized status reports and highly detailed weather charts, this widget is always there for you. Previewing the next 9 hours, the line charts show you changes in temperature, wind speed and direction, plus expected rain amount.

Available in all 3 widget sizes: the large one enhances your experience with a one-week outlook while the small one shows the next 4 days.

Amazing clock widgets

Info Watch

Radar Watch

The Hour Glass

Fluid Clock



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